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ParaPara: human guard or barrier

there are a lot of them and sometimes they congregate and form a human fence to block off areas by holding hands. they work for the public works department but can be hired out to companies needing them. varieties exist with the stop sign in different languages.

they are technically human but they were grown in a lab and given increased strength, additional stamina, and robotic body parts. one is capable of stopping a professional bodybuilder dead in his tracks; five can keep a medium-sized car from advancing. while they appear to be slight women they actually weigh about 400 lb due to metal parts and body armor. this is to prevent people from simply shoving them aside. despite that they are human, the public works department considers them its property, drugging them into a state of hibernation and storing them in shipping containers when not in use. naturally, there are those that campaign for the rights of the parapara: a group calling themselves the Barrier Liberators.

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